The Fresh Fish Face of Cairns

A Fine Kettle O' Fish is a Cairns based, family owned and operated company formed in 1993 to supply Quality Fresh, Frozen and Live Seafood Products to the hospitality and supermarket industries.

Our aim is to provide a professional, efficient and cost effective service delivering quality, safe product on time with the best possible price and in accordance with the customers requirements.


One Stop Shop

100% Guarantee

Fresh Fish Specialist

Continuity of Supply

Reliable & Professional

Service First Philosophy

Competitive pricing

Quality Safe Product

Storage of product

Air Freight Specialists

The experience gained by Graeme Hopkirk and Peter Monson over years of "hands on" industry experience, both hospitality and seafood distribution, has allowed the company to grasp great insight into both the supplying and customer demand areas of the wholesale seafood industry.

With over 10 years of operation both Graeme, as an Executive Chef with over 20 years experience in leading hotels and Peter, from a hotel management background, lead an effective team to provide an excellent service. They have implemented operational systems, staff training based on a 'Food Safe, Service First' philosophy and utilised their skills to position 'Fine Kettle' as Cairns' Leading Seafood Wholesaler.

We have the drive to satisfy your purchasing requirements.